Build Your Dreams

St Louis, MO


3D Modeling

As a local architect in St Louis, MO, Riddle Design doesn’t only specialize in cutting-edge building design; we also put our training to fantastic use in 3D modeling. Imagine combining two-dimensional drawings, ideas from a conversation, and building codes and regulations into three dimensional models with state-of-the-art computer technology. That’s what we can do.

Conceptualizing Your Dreams

At Riddle Design, we believe that architecture is an extension of our clients’ hopes and dreams. When they come to us with ideas for home renovations, new residential construction, additions, or commercial building ideas, we have to take their concepts and start turning them into substance. 3D modeling is the perfect tool for that. It lets our architecture firm take ideas and turn them into a virtual reality where you can come see what the project might look like after it’s finished.

Let’s Discuss Your Vision

Give us a call to discuss how our 3D modeling techniques can help you truly see what you’re thinking. It’s an exciting process that starts with you.


Riddle Design